Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator & Image Stylist

Dressing with intention and the energy it brings are key to your image as well as your overall well-being.

For me, fashion is so much more than a white top, checked trousers or a paisley skirt. I believe that colours and the clothes you wear greatly influence how you feel about yourself. Clothes have energy. Acknowledging how you feel today, knowing your colours, understanding the style that suits you and why you choose certain clothes over others can feel extremely liberating.

Being the very best version of yourself can feel empowering, though is not always so easy to achieve. Events in your life such as relocation, moving to another country, starting a family, getting divorced, changing career, empty nest or the menopause can affect the way you feel about yourself and your body. I experienced some of this first-hand.

My Story

Hello, I am Kasia, pronounced “Fuchsia”, the founder of Be Your Style. Also known as Katarzyna or Katherine, I bring my unique expertise and personal experience to compassionately help you connect with deep understanding of who you are and creating a personal style that aligns with your true self.

Having lived in the UK, Poland and France and worked for a range of different industry sectors (fashion media, banking, automotive and telecoms), I understand the emotional need to balance everyone else’s needs with your own need for space, self love and sense of identity.

In my adult life my self-esteem and confidence felt fine during my working life, then dipped when I become a mum to my gorgeous children and a lot of my time was spent at home. Along the way I felt that I had lost my sense of identity, of knowing who I was, and it was reflected in the way I was dressing.

As my children got older, I felt I was in the right space to find me again. So, with my many years of experience in the fashion industry I qualified as an Image Stylist, followed by a Fashion Feng Shui Facilitator and also as a Reiki Practitioner. My curiosity in personal growth and seeking balance have guided me to explore psychology of colour. I know it sounds cliché but doing what I love has helped me to find myself again and has also enabled me to share my skills and expertise with others too.

I am also an advocate for ethical fashion, up-cycling and reusing. I believe that good quality clothing can certainly prolong the life of your wardrobe. Though, I do find that with high-end pre-loved clothing, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to look and feel great.

My philosophy is that emotions, style and a sense of identity are intertwined. I help my clients to modify, accept, challenge and nurture positive style habits and behaviour to feel good inside and out. To discover the colour palette that enhances their eyes, hair and skin tone. Coupled with finding a style that mirrors their personality, their lifestyle and reflects the image they would like to project. To guide them to select the best clothes to wear for their body type, so that they look and feel confident. Feeling good in your clothes, which are the most intimate part of your external environment, honouring who you are and being you, is a foundation to an aligned, balanced well being.

Being part of my client’s style journey and seeing them light-up from the inside out is an incredibly humbling experience.

Katherine | Kasia x